Sunday, September 7, 2008

Keeping Busy!!!!

Well the past few weeks have been pretty busy and fun!!! We brought Ethan to the St Andrews Aquarium. His favorite thing was watching the seals being fed. He didn't want to touch the star fish too much in the touch tank.
Ethan just loves to play with big dump trucks. He always has lots of fun when we go visit his cousins. I finally found a big dump truck for his birthday. I hope he likes it!!!!

We also went whale watching last weekend from St Andrews. Ethan decided he was going to take a nap on the boat. He slept for at least an hour and a half. He still got to see a whale on our way back. It wasn't one of our best whale watching trips. We didn't see lots, but it was still pretty cool seeing Ethan's reaction when he saw that whale. It was priceless!!!!

I am keeping busy lately trying to get all my scrapbook classes ready. I am giving a class this Saturday. We are going an 8x8 Summer Fun album!!!! I will post a picture as soon as I am done the project. I am just doing the finishing touches. I also am giving a class on September 26th which is a 2 page "At the Zoo" layout. There will be 2 classes in October. October 10th will be a 2 page "fall" layout and October 24th...of course we have to do 1 on Halloween. I hope these layouts will give you inspiration.

That's all for today!!!!!

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