Thursday, November 4, 2010

Proud Photography!!!!

Hello scrappers,

After almost 2 full year of practice, I finally submitted my final asssignment for my PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE from Proud Photography. Here are the 6 pictures I sent for my last lesson.

Here is the Feedback & Grade I received on my assignment!!!!

Greg Howell
Thursday, 4 November 2010, 09:24 AM

Grade: 10.00 (100.00 %)
Hey Chantal, congrats on finishing up the course! I'm really honored to have been able to work with you through all of these assignments, and I hope that you enjoyed yourself and learned a lot through the process. I've really seen a large amount of improvement, and I'm impressed with your photographic "eye".
First Impressions
The abstract shot of what looks like water and a zooming effect came out really cool. Has that "lightspeed" effect going on, and definitely no real discernible features just shapes and colors. Great work! The action panning shot with the kid running down the road is good here, and I like the fact that you caught him totally off the ground! Also, the lower perspective helped keep the viewer's attention better. The black and white shot of the church was fantastic here, and I like the angle that you were able to achieve, tough more of the steps on the bottom would've helped (believe me I know the limitations of wide-angles in such scenes). It was better not to cut off the steeple, though, as you chose. The night shot of the bridge and the down-town city lights was great, and I like the angle you chose for this based on the reflections, and colors. Excellent timing and setup! The landscape shot of the mountain lake with the cliffs in the background, and trees in the fore was very nicely done. I probably would've warmed up the white balance a bit, since you were in shadow, but it's still a great scene. The last portrait shot of the young girl was excellent, and I like the expression you were able to capture. Good use of the flash too!
Technical Recommendations
From a technical standpoint you really set things up nicely here so that there wasn't much to really recommend. I like to see you applying the various techniques based on the lighting and the particular subject matter, so basically you're where I hoped you'd be by the end of the course! Great work!
Creative Suggestions
The best shot of the series was definitely the night shot. It's composition really makes the whole thing, and choosing to shoot a little after twilight gives the sky that dark bluish glow. Very well done. Top score here!
Excellent job, Chantal. Thanks for letting me guide you through this course, and I hope that you've had fun and learned a lot. Be sure to pass our name on to any friends or family that might be interested in what we offer here, and you're always welcome to come back and review any lessons or topics in the forum boards.
Happy shooting!
~ greg


I am finally setting up my Photo Studio to start taking family pictures of family & friends. I don't know what it is about photography I love, but it really is something I am passionate about!!!

I will be posting a few pictures from our trip in the next few days. Come back and check them out!!!

That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Oh Chantal, the photos are so beautiful.....sign me up for family photos!!!!